leopard gecko or bearded dragon?

UUGGHH! Im so confused! You know that leopard gecko post I wrote? saying I really want one? But do you know how much the gecko, tank, lamp, shelters carpet, heat mat, moss, background, food is gonna cost?! Almost 600 DOLLARS!!!!! My mom said that’s pretty much out of the question, cause I don’t really want to pay 600 dollars. My mom said that she will let me get a reptile, but its probably not going to be a leopard gecko.

My friend Austin has these two awesome looking lizards. I’l give you a hint. They have spikes. They love to eat. Their pretty big and they are diurnal ( it means they sleep at night and up in the day ) Bearded Dragons!

They love to eat, like, 15 crickets and if he eats them real fast, put in more crickets. They are omnivores, So you also have to feed them veggies sometimes. So keep a salad of fruits and veggies(no acidic fruits) and spray the salad with water so it doesn’t dry up or something. And on the plus side, they LOVE to be handled! and I want a reptile that I can pick up. The tank should be at around 80F to 86F in the day, and at the basking spot well very hot cause the light that im gonna use will keep the spot at 113F. At night turn off all the lights it will go to room tampature and that is usally 70F. They like to climb, so a branch or climbing thing can be put in your cage. They have HUGE claws so you have to clip them sometimes. Unlike Leopard Geckos, They can have sand in their tank since their big. I dont think that some calcium sand should be used no matter what the people at the store say. Calcium sand tastes good to bearded dragons, so they will eat on perpuss. It is digestible, but after a while they will get impaction which will KILL your dragon. I use regular snad you bye at the pet store cause it wont want to eat it. They do like some shade so a hide box should be put in there. They don’t eat their sheded skin like leopard geckos, so I will have to clean it myself. Since they eat a lot, they poop a lot, But its easy to clean. you just scoop it out with a big spoon (not the one you eat with, of course!) Everything you need for them would be around 350 dollars.

So now, You know about geckos and Bearded Dragons. So now. The Ultimate question. Save some money and buy the diurnal Bearded Dragon? Or the nocturnal Leopard Gecko? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Tell me I NEED TO KNOW!!

2 thoughts on “leopard gecko or bearded dragon?

  1. I think you should stick with Bearded Dragons Here are the PRO’s and CON’s

    1. Bearded dragons are Diurnal and that sticks with your schedule.
    2. They do actually eat there skin, well, at least mine do.
    3. They are cute.
    4. They like getting picked up.
    And 5. They are friendly.

    1. They poop quite frequently
    2. They Scratch you with there EXTREMELY sharp claws.
    3. They smell really bad after you put water on them.
    4. They make you worry.
    And 5. They are pcky about there greens.

    Now to the leopard Geckos.

    1. They are the only gecko with claws.
    2. They can lick their eye.
    3. They love having an exquisite dining on their own shedded skin more than Bearded Dragons.
    4. They look Cool.
    And to finish up 5. They make good pets.


    1. They cost alot
    2. They lose thier tail…
    3. Then gets very vulnerable to sickness.
    4. They are nocturnal so you get no time with them.
    And 5. They like hiding so you don’t see him quite often.

    So I think you should get a Bearded Dragon since their cheaper and more friendly.
    I hope this helps you!

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