My Freaky photo!

@!#` That means Hello in freak language! So I’m gonna tell you about a freaky picture I took.

See that picture? What do you think it is? a bird? a plane? Superman that just got beaten up horribly? No! It’s me! I had a special camera that let me take a picture of myself, a picture of my teeth, lip and chin and over lap all of those pictures, change the color and viola! So the main picture is a picture of me, and then I took the picture of my lip and over lapped on my face which put it on my nose, then took the picture of my teeth and put it over my smile, and took my chin photo and but above my teeth photo. Then I changed the color of me and their you go! A Daniel that looks like a freaky rearranged zombie fraekadoodle! Oh and I and a very special camera. It let me rearrange my photos and switch the color.

The people who helped us with this are two people from Arts Unbrella. Their names are Josh from Vancouver and Francesca from Germany. This picture almost looks like a whole bunch of people all smushed up in my head! It also makes me think of scary moments that happened in my life. Cause really, looking at this picture makes anyone freaked out. If I had a chance to do this again, I would take more photos to make my self look even weirder! OK I hope you like this post! Bye!

2 thoughts on “My Freaky photo!

  1. Hey Daniel, (%&#*(%%))@@* $$^^&@ ##&& !#)****+++ means ‘awesome pyschedelic skeletal photo’ in freak language, but of course you know that because you speak it. i am really drawn to the teeth. nice work, i mean, &$(% #%*!

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