Wow haven’t been on here for a while! Just a post to catch you guys up! Yes, I finally got My bearded dragon Pheonix. He is Awesome! Right know He’s sleeping, but when he’s not a lazy menace he’s interesting, digging everywhere, climbing, running into the glass wall. I go to the skate park more often know, because I found a friend who likes to go there, Michael Z. He skateboard, I bike. But the odd time I would take my Rollerblades for some reason.

My family and I are going to go to Disney world, not land, world, this winter. Its gonna be AWSOME>COOL hehe… Oh and ifMrs.Smith reads this, HELLO!!

Halloween just came by, and I got a half of a pillow case and know its starting to get smaller.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAA! CANDY DISSAPEARING! anyway that was just a quick post….. WAIT!!! I just went to the Olympic torch celebration and got cool Coke bottles! YAY COOL Coke BOTTLES!

O.k now I’m down so can go now. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey hey hi!! Well before I get started, my birth day was a while ago, (July **… I don’t fell comfortable telling you the date) any ways I am now 12!

I just got back from a vacation in Alberta. Ya know how my dad is a SAR instructor? well one of the places he goes to train the students is Jarvis Lake. And dang its cool their! I saw toads, deer, elk, mice, and the most awesome Black bears! we were on are way to a hike up a mountain and there they were! My dad spotted a twitching bush and when we got closer we noticed it was a black bear with her 2 cubs! we just watched them eat and listen to the cubs fighting over some berries. Cool, eh?

And I think the most best part was spending time with my dad, mom, my 2 uncle Marks, and my 2 aunts Melody and Monique, and my 2 cousins Lyndon and Brian. Lyndon is 2 and a half and Brian is 8 months.(Its pronounced Bree-an) My grandpa gave me a 22 caliber browning rifle to use when I’m older. My uncle Mark is a hunter so he bought us some ammo for it and we got to shoot at a target (I got 4 bulls eye’s, about 5 water bottle hits and like a cm from hitting the cap of the bottle. Why am I so awesome a t aiming and sniping? I had 4 years of practice! (not tryin’ to brag here sorry) Oh and I went hunting with my pellet gun! Squirrel hunting that is! and yes I got one YESSSSS!!

And some time this week im gonna bye my bearded dragon! WOOO! Im having a great summer! bye


Hey guys! Happy summer! Haven’t been on here for a while and I thought it was about time that I wrote a post!

You know how I want a bearded dragon? Well, I went on to this sight called craigslist. Its likes a Canadian ebay. Well I serched up bearded dragon reptile cage, and a thing poped up and I found this tank that come with EVERYTHING! lighting, the tank, climbing stuff, a shelter, water dish, calcium powder, cricket keeper and some stuff to feed the crickets so they dont die. So now all I have to do is wait about week and its my birthday and im asking for money from my guests and then I can bye my bearded dragon name Thorn! And his nickname will be turtle! (he’s not slow, its just funny:) Oh and by the way, HAPPY CANADA DAY! Canadas birthday!!@@!!

Happiness overwelmes the people!@!@!@!@ were going to parksville beach and im gonna skim board! I love skiim borading and I can almost do a sort of kick flip. So I guess il leave and I hope your havin a great summer!! BYE!

And The Winner is…

And the winner is… Bearded Dragon!

After 1 long comment from Austin and a trip to petland I have decided to get a Bearded dragon as a pet! I will name him either Thorn or speedy (because the one at petland is SUPER active) I hope no one buys him. If they do its gonna have to be Thorn unless the new one they get is also active. This is a short post but I thought I should let you know so Yeah. Thanks Austin! Thanks Sarah from petland And GO BEARDED DRAGONS!

Highlights Of The Year!

Hey guys! Im gonna tell you about the highlights of the year of grade 6 land of hobbling cheese fringes. (hehe)

We’ll star with the beginning of the year. Hornby camp! Every year, the people in grade 6 get to go to Hornby camp. You do a WHOLE lot of games and stuff. And every night you sing songs and eat stuff at a camp fire. My favorite games were Kayaking, beach exploring, and rock climbing. The moms or dads baked cookies for the last night. They were awesome!! Chewy and loaded with chocolate.

Another time these girls gave are class a smelly pencil. THEY SMELT SSOOOO GOOD!! So one time I had to explain something to a helper in are class. I had my smencil on my desk and I caught a whiff of the strawberry smelling pencil and I stuck my nose on it and smelt it while I was explaining! Everyone laughed. (I don’t know if it was at me or with me)

Another time me and my friend Austin were out for recess And the bell rang and I heard a little boy scream FIRE DRILL AAAHHH!!!!! It was really funny!!

Oh and this year I was in my first school musical/play! Have any of you seen Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? Well I was the kid who was a video game freak, Mike Teavee! So yeah it was my first play and I had one of the main roles! I was super happy when I made it in.

One time Austin brought his bearded dragons to school and this girl HATES animals (more like terrified if you ask me) So he picked 1 up and brought to her and she was like SCREAM!! SQUEAL!! SCREAM!! (This was last year but it was to funny not to say it)

Well that is all i can remember! Bye!!!

Ohh if any of my class mates thinks I forgot something, tell me. THANKS  !@!@!@!@!@!@

leopard gecko or bearded dragon?

UUGGHH! Im so confused! You know that leopard gecko post I wrote? saying I really want one? But do you know how much the gecko, tank, lamp, shelters carpet, heat mat, moss, background, food is gonna cost?! Almost 600 DOLLARS!!!!! My mom said that’s pretty much out of the question, cause I don’t really want to pay 600 dollars. My mom said that she will let me get a reptile, but its probably not going to be a leopard gecko.

My friend Austin has these two awesome looking lizards. I’l give you a hint. They have spikes. They love to eat. Their pretty big and they are diurnal ( it means they sleep at night and up in the day ) Bearded Dragons!

They love to eat, like, 15 crickets and if he eats them real fast, put in more crickets. They are omnivores, So you also have to feed them veggies sometimes. So keep a salad of fruits and veggies(no acidic fruits) and spray the salad with water so it doesn’t dry up or something. And on the plus side, they LOVE to be handled! and I want a reptile that I can pick up. The tank should be at around 80F to 86F in the day, and at the basking spot well very hot cause the light that im gonna use will keep the spot at 113F. At night turn off all the lights it will go to room tampature and that is usally 70F. They like to climb, so a branch or climbing thing can be put in your cage. They have HUGE claws so you have to clip them sometimes. Unlike Leopard Geckos, They can have sand in their tank since their big. I dont think that some calcium sand should be used no matter what the people at the store say. Calcium sand tastes good to bearded dragons, so they will eat on perpuss. It is digestible, but after a while they will get impaction which will KILL your dragon. I use regular snad you bye at the pet store cause it wont want to eat it. They do like some shade so a hide box should be put in there. They don’t eat their sheded skin like leopard geckos, so I will have to clean it myself. Since they eat a lot, they poop a lot, But its easy to clean. you just scoop it out with a big spoon (not the one you eat with, of course!) Everything you need for them would be around 350 dollars.

So now, You know about geckos and Bearded Dragons. So now. The Ultimate question. Save some money and buy the diurnal Bearded Dragon? Or the nocturnal Leopard Gecko? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Tell me I NEED TO KNOW!!

My Friend’s Party!

Hi hi! Well I went to a party yesterday. And we went to play laser tag!

Most of you know that laser tag is a game that you wear these special sensors and guns. when you get hit the gun will scream “Ow!” you have 8 lives and when you run out the gun says :aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!! (meaning your dead)

My friend who was hosting the party was none other than… Micheal T!! My friend Austinwas there too! Austin was behind a bunker and I knew he was there so I ran up to that bunker, switched my gun to shotgun mode and yelled, TAKE YOUR BEATING! and shot him twice but then he shot me twice so yeah. The cake gave me a sygar rush so when I was playing sometimes I would go in the middle of the playing field and yelled cra cra fra fra TAKE YOUR BEATING! and shot like everyone in site but I died so I yelled IM HIT OH MOTHER THATS UNPAINFUL ARRGH!! YOU WILL TAKE YOUR BEATING NEXT ROUND!!!! I was really hyper!! Oh and this adult person was behind the bunker and my gun was on sniper mode so every time he stuck his head out I shot and apparently it was his last three lives so I killed him and then he said that he was a pro laser taggerwho plays around the world and he said it was the 2nd time he was killed by a kid younger then 19 so I was REALLY HAPPY!!  

You people should really try laser tag. Its awesome! well I hope you like my post! Bye!

Hmm… yes…. Hmm…. ! wait… no.

Hmm… uh huh… Oh! was I mumbling out loud again? Excuse me while I go punish myself.

(5 minutes of eating worms later)

Uggh… remind me not to punish myself next time. O.k so this girl in my class, Chelsea, did a post asking us what we want to be when we grow up. Well I think you guys all know what I want to be (if you don’t then read some of my older posts) A SAR tech!!! (Search And Rescue Technician) Why? Oh and if you want to learn more about SAR go to this site. Well first of all, My dad is a SAR tech (well, actually, he was a SAR tech until he got promoted and became a SAR instructor, but he said in about 3-4 years he’s going back to a SAR tech) So most kids want to grow up and be what they do. Like my one friend wants to be a mechanic for a SAR plane. I also want to be one because I believe that I have It in my blood cause every one thinks my dad should have been promoted 2 times years ago so I think I would have what it takes to be one. ( you also have to be a good survivalists so yeah)

My hobby will be a Hunter for deer. ( no surprise their ) Being in the woods is so cool! plus I LOVE dear meat! You have to try it. It tastes better then sirloin and tenderloin steak all in one plate! Mmm and with a BBQ or tomato sauce… O.k now Im starving. NEED FOOD! O.k Im calmed. I already have a Browning that my dad uses but technicly my grandpa gave it to me to use when im older. Browning is for pheasents, birds, and weasels but im just gonna hunt pheasent. Im going with my dad this summer and im sooo excited!

What are you going to be when your older? Comment and tell me!

My Freaky photo!

@!#` That means Hello in freak language! So I’m gonna tell you about a freaky picture I took.

See that picture? What do you think it is? a bird? a plane? Superman that just got beaten up horribly? No! It’s me! I had a special camera that let me take a picture of myself, a picture of my teeth, lip and chin and over lap all of those pictures, change the color and viola! So the main picture is a picture of me, and then I took the picture of my lip and over lapped on my face which put it on my nose, then took the picture of my teeth and put it over my smile, and took my chin photo and but above my teeth photo. Then I changed the color of me and their you go! A Daniel that looks like a freaky rearranged zombie fraekadoodle! Oh and I and a very special camera. It let me rearrange my photos and switch the color.

The people who helped us with this are two people from Arts Unbrella. Their names are Josh from Vancouver and Francesca from Germany. This picture almost looks like a whole bunch of people all smushed up in my head! It also makes me think of scary moments that happened in my life. Cause really, looking at this picture makes anyone freaked out. If I had a chance to do this again, I would take more photos to make my self look even weirder! OK I hope you like this post! Bye!

I Want a Leopard Gecko… Please?

Hey guys! Have I ever told you that I want a Leopard Gecko? Because I do!

Leopard Gecko’s are extremely cool. They can lick their eyes, eat bugs, and eat their own skin after it’s been shed as a good source of calcium!! (Some people might think that’s gross, but I think it’s awesome!) Newborns have to eat every day, (4-8 pieces of food), juveniles have to eat every other day, (4-8 pieces of food), and adults could be fed every 2 to 3 days (5-10 pieces of food.)

They live in the dessert so in the daytime a tank should have a basking spot that should be around 90F, and the rest of the tank should be 85F to 80F. At night it could be at 70F. An under heater should be placed under the tank (to warm the sand).

Like some lizards, this Gecko can lose its tail. It snaps it off purposely by a space in the bone of its tail. If grabbed by a predator or clumsy person it will fall off. Imagine if we could do that! One minute your parents are marching you up to your room for a weeks grounding, the next minute they’ll be screaming in the stair case with a detached arm in their hand! It can grow back, but there’s a 70% chance that it will become very sick.

Leopard Geckos like to chill in the shade. In the tank there should be a cave of some sort for it to sleep and cool off in. Another cave should have something wet in it to keep it cold and humid. (humidity helps with shedding) Since the Leopard Gecko is the only one of its species with claws, it can climb a bit. A sturdy branch or rock can be put into your tank. Its a nocturnal lizard, so 12 hours of the lamp on, and 12 hours of the lamp off.

I’m not sure why my parents wont let me have one. I’m willing to pay for the Gecko, cave, sand, water dish, and a climbing thing, if they just buy the tank. And I’m paying for all of the food until it dies. it doesn’t stink, it wont bite or claw, and the only room it’s gonna be in is my room. I’m gonna ask for it for my birth day, unless my parents will be totally awesome and let me buy it before that, and see if I have any luck.

Well I hope you like my post! Bye!

Photo credits: e_cathedra